ring little husband is hit,
as an extension of version two years ago hit series husband,
there have been a number of small husband in chinese.
the old goddess Faye Yu provoked the new play Yan value as the beam.
Faye Yu is a representative of the goddess sister school,
the age of 45 she whether it is color value or clothing products is still in the peak moment,
even seckill countless small artistes.
Faye Yu husband Faye Yu stills all say time is big pig knife,
but the grinding time in the face of the goddess sent sister but always leave no trace,
even with them a unique and calm atmosphere.
And actor Faye Yu is absolutely this conquer the elder sister of the year,
send the representative of goddess.
Faye Yus new play little husband is hot,
standing at a younger age than their own! 16! At the age of! The actor Yang Le side,
even without a sense of violation and.
Small TV drama stills husband husband is an extension version of hit series real man two years ago,
the actors