North of Guangzhou, the hustle and bustle of the secret in the slow time over the weekend, vent their media horizon

ring ning of travel and a strange land dialogue and building is a city of mother tongue,
how to make the traveler,
and a city heart? All media group (qq_qmp) for you to select the north of Guangzhou the hermit in the city houses,
whether it is on a Saturday,
or another city travel,
to experience the most authentic slow time.
Beijing: Beijing goes native architecture has two kinds of classical and pop style,
is a garden on behalf of the crown of the wind,
the other one is representative of Hu Tongfeng marketplace.
And the most authentic Beijing culture is often interwoven between the two architectural styles.
Peking Garden: alley flowers is a tribe of the Airbnb in the popular Hostel,
the guardian has been selected as one of the worlds Coolest Hotel TOP10 the most fashionable.
In the courtyard of trees deep inside the room,
the roof has a flowers blooming like a piece of brocade,
glass greenhouse,
the sunlight is very good,
always think of Cui Jians disco girl.
Indoor mainly log color + White ma