Forget forget to take the key intelligent perhaps this is called Sherlock mount lock can help.

ring installation,
lazy exclusive intelligent door lock.
Lianran in the wisdom of things CES AsiaN4 hall,
Sherlock posted a smart lock,
intelligent product models fit the traditional mechanical anti-theft door has attracted many visitors come to watch and inquiries.
At the scene,
the wise and the West visited its development team,
co-founder of meteorite technology Yi Yi,
for this fool type operation of intelligent paste locks (paste locks above the door tilt 30 degrees) for further understanding.
Sherlock posted the appearance of simple intelligent lock,
the main color is silver,
with the linear design,
no frills,
improve the degree of integration of products and environmental products,
30 degrees tilt humanization design style makes the door handle original still can be used normally.
The highlight of this smart lock is the installation of convenient operation: in the installation of Sherlock smart lock,
the user does not need to change the door lock,
just stick it behind the traditional anti-the