China's eight major opportunities for the next 20 years are all here

ring e greatest product of the future has yet to come,
but the big trend over the next 20 years deserves our attention.
The source,
China Economic Net (ID:ourcecn) city process in the next twenty years,
perhaps the city of Chinese is still the main theme of social change.
By 2030,
more than 60% of the population lived in cities,
the main axis of Chinas reform is economic development,
and the main driving force of economic development is the process of urbanization.
Combination of urban and rural areas,
towns will become the main battlefield of the city,
county and town residents consumption will create important opportunities for future business,
service chain business model in the prefecture level city as the core of landing in the town there will be explosive growth,
contains a huge business opportunity.
AI becomes a service,
and orders are available when people need it,
says AI,
a computer intelligence system that will be the foundation of many industries over the next 20 y