Childhood memories, killing these 4 electronic pets, let me read the full text in tears

ring rphy many,
after 90 have a lonely childhood,
cram school,
interest classes around the after-school life,
there is no brother and sister,
and no pets.
At that time,
most of us accompanied by a live in the electronic screen of the puppy.
Virtual pets do not represent virtual feelings,
we learned to take responsibility,
to feel the life in the electronic pets.
Remember your first electronic pet? Remember your childhood? If you do not remember,
do not worry,
and play AppSo (micro signal appsolution) for you recommend these 4 games,
memory will take the initiative to find you.
Wildagotchi #iOS #Android Wildagotchi is one of the most classic and essential electronic pet games.
After porting that years electronic pet to todays powerful mobile phone,
Wildagotchi didnt use the powerful power of mobile phones to beautify the game.
bit style,
the lack of animation effects,
this is what we remember in the electronic pet.
You can choose to adopt orangutans,
wolves and the panda (with more pet game