Apple shares drop will change the pattern of China's Internet?

ring n investment is Apples rare stake since its founding in 40 years,
rather than a holding investment.
It is also the first time Apple has invested in China Internet Corporation.
Its role is far from being so simple as the butterfly effect.
According to reports,
yesterday announced drops Apple  billion stake.
It is reported that this is the largest single investment so far achieved by the single investment.
Last year,
drops completed the amount of  billion financing,
and the latest round of financing,
drops may become the worlds fourth highest valuation of start-up companies,
valued at about 6 billion.
But the news attracted public attention,
in addition to bits and pieces,
there are apples.
Apples investment in bits looks like no apple,
breaking Apples routine for years.
Apple is the most abundant company in the worlds technology companies,
with more than 10 billion in cash reserves over Microsoft and Google.
But for a long time,
Apples investment strategy is very conservative,