Ampang Yanjiao project resumption of 5 years, land values over 10 times

ring ic Observer reporter Tian Guobao on May 11th afternoon,
Hebei Yanjiao Yan Ling Road a racket on the site,
the huge open space surrounded with internal excavator roar,
called the Yanjiao Anbang insurance support center project has officially started from the end of 2015.
Since 2011,
the project was restarted after 5 years of stagnation,
with two starts in 2012 and 2013,
and a shutdown shortly thereafter.
This is the first start of the third group,
second groups began construction,
the first group is about to start.
In 2011 September,
Ampang insurance price to 114 million yuan in Yanjiao received 599.
18 acres of commercial and financial sites,
the cost is only 190 thousand yuan per mu,
the core area of Yanjiao commercial financial land prices generally reached about 2 million 500 thousand yuan per mu of land,
the appreciation of a raspberry.
5 years,
Ampang insurance Yanjiao Support Center Project Book land value has risen by 13 times.
Judging from the valuation of the project,
in 2014 January,