A consumer society full of ghosts and monsters

ring ibookreview every morning,
reading in a Jingdong,
eBay in the world with 535000 people,
buy buy buy has become a ubiquitous,
may at any time behavior.
In a variety of brands,
festival promotions,
consumption has become our way of life,
but also become an integral part of the plastic body.
Full of ghost and ghosts in the current consumer society consumer logic of how to control the life and social relations,
Baudrillard said today,
around us,
there is a growing material,
service and material wealth the amazing consumption and rich phenomenon,
it constitutes a fundamental changes in the natural environment of human.
This sentence describes a commodity society shocking social and cultural landscape formed by the accumulation of a large number of consumer goods and the presence of the phantom and its mode of operation - fetishism.
This omnipresent thing has become a symptom of capitalist society because of its social and cultural organization and crystallizatio