The car speed tunnel said men and women wake up brain

king above the blue for the movie at high speed in the tunnel,
a pair of men and women will be parked in the harbor parking area Ecstasy car,
patrol police knocked on the window after 3 minutes,
only carrying trousers covered with confusion accept police inspection and asked to stop for the spirit of good,
refreshing! Mir network www.
com late on April 23rd at 2:10 in the morning,
Yichang Yiling Police Brigade squadron of police patrols,
in the Shanghai Chengdu expressway of Shanghai Chengdu to 1185KM Ridge Tunnel harbor parking band found parked in a red car,
hit double flash,
but did not set up warning signs,
the police thought it was a failure to stop got out to understand the situation.
Patrol police knocked on the door,
still do not see the door,
walked to the front of the