Ten finals together Kobe James Wade attendance had never met in the playoffs

salvation heroes editor: ESPN today in the Eastern Conference semifinals,
second games at home court and the eagle knight in the series,
the knight outwire three broke up sense of hot,
even the first half into 18 record three points early to establish a 36 point lead,
crazy knight to 123-98 victory over the Eagles win,
the total score 2-0 lead.
The Cavaliers scored a total of 25 points in three,
creating a league goal record of three points.
The Cavaliers sang throughout the series to see Wade,
the brother who had fought in the East,
and Kobe,
who had just retired.
Some of them are good brothers in the league,
they are the enemy of the peak period,
and they are also the team members of the national team,
the center of the topic of public opinion.
But we never saw the three of t