[subject Nuggets] hot money reloaded, these small ticket will be sought after by shares

said yesterday that the pre stagflation stocks + today,
an average increase of 1.
continue to outperform the index.
According to the Convention,
continue to update the list as follows: two,
the market has been shrinking concussion below 3000 points today,
trading a little force rushed up the meaning,
but still be pressed down.
After two days of adjustment,
tomorrow should be able to break through 3000 points.
exclusive from the surface,
the hot money has become active again,
a small ticket and began to be sought after,
the Nuggets think tomorrow or more opportunities in the small ticket,
especially the recent rally,
the two day ticket callback.
The Nuggets were less than 20 billion market capitalization,
May 3rd rose more than 8%,
a shares Wednesday,
Thursday two days fallen,