Star, a treasure, the same paragraph which strong Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, Tang Yan sell crazy, originally was this one

f many clothes,
some will look very good,
but I can't afford to buy,
so it will be a treasure.
This search.
When there is a term called * * the same paragraph,
take a look at those years,
you have to buy what the same paragraph! Fan Bingbing same paragraph,
when you enter the Fan Bingbing name,
in a treasure you can see a lot of the same paragraph! The most famous estimate is her glasses.
This is simply a magic device.
Before Wuli snow aunt Wang Lin also said: take a look at sunglasses,
is it more like a star? In addition to sunglasses,
Fan Bingbing,
of course,
can not avoid her favorite thick soled shoes! If you have to find a very civilian things,
then the most popular must be this sun hat! Yang Mi and Yang Mi wear the clothes,
most of them are the basic paragraph,
so it is still