My name is Mei. I have a conscience

ning roll call,
there is a teacher in charge of ingenuity,
the students said: I read the number of students,
you name your name,
so that everyone knows,
okay? No.
001 report teacher,
my name is Jiao,
my name is Jiao jiao.
The teacher was a little dizzy,
and asked,
who gave you this? My father.
What does your father do? Launching a boar factory.
! 002,
a girl stood up: the report of the teacher,
my name is Zhang,
my name is Zhang Dekai.
003 report teacher,
I am Zhang Dekai's twin brother,
my name is Zhang kai.
Who gave you the name? It's my dad.
He sells pliers.
The teacher took a quick sip of water.
004 report of the teacher,
my name is district (read the word Europe) I called night (oh yeah),
this is my mother gave me the check,
she sa