Kenneth Ma went to see the play, but this pair of CP was born

zhen himself as the producer of the TVB drama the action on 23 August 2016 has been officially launched,
the action series is one of the classic TVB series,
and the ICAC (ICAC) cooperation,
based on a true case adaptation,
from the beginning of 1992,
it has been filmed ten times drama unit.
Action against corruption series of shooting every time brings together a lot of TVB's popular artists,
in this drama,
we saw a lot of familiar figure.
Kenneth Ma Chen Zhanpeng Chris Lai Natalie Tong * ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Elaine Yiu Jiang Mei Yee Tai Lo Ma Kenneth Ma and Chen Zhanpeng became a subordinate in the play,
to bring together the uniform temptation investigative ~ ~ let Miss.
k began to look forward to the opening from the beginning.
But after the two set did not wait until the appearance of Kenne