Huang Xiaoming said she didn't have time to spend time with baby after she got married, but she did the wedding for the girl

ming said that from after marriage has been very busy,
not a lot of time with baby,
but in the wedding.
not only that,
Huang Xiaoming also played for this girl a big white.
A few days ago,
I saw Huang Xiaoming on the program that will do a wedding of their own,
for this girl unexpectedly it is said to do.
It is said that the wedding scene is Huang Xiaoming Pro force for the.
Suddenly a little like Huang Xiaoming,
swollen Mody? Who is the girl who can marry Huang Xiaoming without time for Baby? Who is she? Let Huang Xiaoming worry so much.
On April 9th,
an ordinary Saturday,
but it was an unusual day,
a special wedding was held in Beijing.
The groom is a soldier,
guarding the border,
and she is leukemia patients,
anti-cancer in the end.
The girl called the rain,
she loves to sing and