First, the miracle Ranieri doctrine fermented 30 years of football wisdom

hang Kai reported by fans and surrounded by security,
Ranieri is still a gentleman in Western dress and leather shoes smile,
and the city and even the whole world agitation disproportionate.
I am so old that I can only express myself in this age.
If I were young,
I would definitely change to a more passionate celebration.
In other words,
the old champion has a special flavor,
I can remember it more clearly,
it seems more authentic,
not easily eroded by years.
30th anniversary and 40th anniversary double his mobile phone rang non-stop,
received more than 800 text messages,
I have no time to read one by one.
I feel I've had enough of the congratulations and blessings I've received at the moment.
I can't digest it at all.
Now the times have changed and the Internet has developed.