A minute to tell you that you're apologizing to your girlfriend

difficult to say,
that is your stupid.
Why are you angry? What else can you do?.
How do you apologize to your girlfriend? That score,
see the video content of it! A minute to tell you the correct way to apologize to your girlfriend is generally not a big deal,
just because you're not satisfied with your performance.
Then you quickly contact performance ah,
every day,
sweet talk coax,
flower bunch,
package would cost,
then a satisfactory lovemaking,
If it's because she's jealous,
she says she cares for you.
If you love her,
give her a sense of security: a former caller greeting,
an active confession; a friend gathering; bringing her along; female friends introduce her.
You are so honest that she can trust you.
If the disagreement is noisy,
we must adhere to the principle of stability