[vegetarian health] after the meal will eat detoxification food

effective removal of waste on the intestinal wall,
prevent constipation effect is obvious; 2.
black fungus: remove the body of toxic substances; 3.
kelp: slow down the rate of intestinal absorption of radioactive strontium 4.
: sweet potato; enhance intestinal peristalsis; 5.
Apple soluble cellulose can promote the excretion of feces; 6.
mung bean: accelerate the toxic substances in the body the metabolism,
promote the excretion to in vitro.
[a] daily vegetarian eggplant cake [ingredients] bamboo eggplant,
asparagus [ingredients] parsley,
green beans,
long beans,
ginger oil,
sauce [] in oyster sauce,
soy sauce,
vegetarian abalone sauce and pepper and eggplant cake flour [1] raft,
to wash eggplant net cut round,
with a spoon dug a hole spare.
horseshoe peel