The whole town is looking for an ambassador to eat seafood free of charge

vers have delicious food and enjoy it,
the first was Ambassador recruitment activities start.
Invite real life users to join the original seafood feast.
Since I can't go to the beach,
I'm here for seafood on the weekend.
I'm looking for a group of former ambassadors and inviting a bunch of friends who love their life.
The first line was Ambassador tasting events,
more than 28 kinds of seafood tasting Sheng banquet,
the world's first fruit you try.
What can you get: 1.
obtain the original ambassador's mysterious identity and enjoy the multiple rights and obligations of the ambassador.
Large exclusive coupons,
ultra-low prices to buy buy buy.
New exclusive price activity participation right.
The new line had priority to participate in life tasting events.
professional aquatic buye