[Buddhist story] proud, cover Nigeria India

t name of a SA cover Nigeria Gandhara Brahmin elders,
known as the country's most intelligent people,
there are five hundred disciples under the door.
He laughed at the people of the world,
so often the abdomen hang a metal plate,
swagger in the street.
When someone asked him why he was doing it,
he answered triumphantly,
is it not bad to be full of wisdom? He heard the Buddha everywhere enlightened,
well-known in the world,
jealousy and fear,
the disciples said,
there is a monk named Gautama,
claiming to be a Buddha,
I want to find him,
to ask him profound subtle Buddhism,
let him take a humiliation he rendered speechless.
He did lead a group of disciples.
Jetavana to go forward with great strength and vigour in front of the door.
he saw the Buddha from afar perfect Dha