Reporters interviewed on the Road civilization comity, return on the road was...

ring  station with comity cards at the zebra crossing to remind the traffic reporter Wu Yiying photo good living! This is the first sentence of a journalist who has just been through a traffic accident.
Yesterday afternoon,
the reporter interviewed the first batch of civilized demonstration Ningbo zebra crossing situation.
According to the reporter observed the scene,
strict control measures effect is obvious.
But at the end of the interview,
a reporter with a car without a slow car was hit in a zebra crossing the road back to the unit.
Two different zebra zebra pattern: arrange the Police Association and the volunteers to warn the vehicle passing vehicles through the intersection of almost all will automatically slow down the afternoon of May 10th,
the Ningbo municipal civilization office led joint Ningbo City Public Security Bureau and other 10 units jointly issued in 2016 in Ningbo city civilized travel series of activities to implement the program.
One of the focuses of the meeting is that

ring little husband is hit,
as an extension of version two years ago hit series husband,
there have been a number of small husband in chinese.
the old goddess Faye Yu provoked the new play Yan value as the beam.
Faye Yu is a representative of the goddess sister school,
the age of 45 she whether it is color value or clothing products is still in the peak moment,
even seckill countless small artistes.
Faye Yu husband Faye Yu stills all say time is big pig knife,
but the grinding time in the face of the goddess sent sister but always leave no trace,
even with them a unique and calm atmosphere.
And actor Faye Yu is absolutely this conquer the elder sister of the year,
send the representative of goddess.
Faye Yus new play little husband is hot,
standing at a younger age than their own! 16! At the age of! The actor Yang Le side,
even without a sense of violation and.
Small TV drama stills husband husband is an extension version of hit series real man two years ago,
the actors

Forget forget to take the key intelligent perhaps this is called Sherlock mount lock can help.

ring installation,
lazy exclusive intelligent door lock.
Lianran in the wisdom of things CES AsiaN4 hall,
Sherlock posted a smart lock,
intelligent product models fit the traditional mechanical anti-theft door has attracted many visitors come to watch and inquiries.
At the scene,
the wise and the West visited its development team,
co-founder of meteorite technology Yi Yi,
for this fool type operation of intelligent paste locks (paste locks above the door tilt 30 degrees) for further understanding.
Sherlock posted the appearance of simple intelligent lock,
the main color is silver,
with the linear design,
no frills,
improve the degree of integration of products and environmental products,
30 degrees tilt humanization design style makes the door handle original still can be used normally.
The highlight of this smart lock is the installation of convenient operation: in the installation of Sherlock smart lock,
the user does not need to change the door lock,
just stick it behind the traditional anti-the

A consumer society full of ghosts and monsters

ring ibookreview every morning,
reading in a Jingdong,
eBay in the world with 535000 people,
buy buy buy has become a ubiquitous,
may at any time behavior.
In a variety of brands,
festival promotions,
consumption has become our way of life,
but also become an integral part of the plastic body.
Full of ghost and ghosts in the current consumer society consumer logic of how to control the life and social relations,
Baudrillard said today,
around us,
there is a growing material,
service and material wealth the amazing consumption and rich phenomenon,
it constitutes a fundamental changes in the natural environment of human.
This sentence describes a commodity society shocking social and cultural landscape formed by the accumulation of a large number of consumer goods and the presence of the phantom and its mode of operation - fetishism.
This omnipresent thing has become a symptom of capitalist society because of its social and cultural organization and crystallizatio

North of Guangzhou, the hustle and bustle of the secret in the slow time over the weekend, vent their media horizon

ring ning of travel and a strange land dialogue and building is a city of mother tongue,
how to make the traveler,
and a city heart? All media group (qq_qmp) for you to select the north of Guangzhou the hermit in the city houses,
whether it is on a Saturday,
or another city travel,
to experience the most authentic slow time.
Beijing: Beijing goes native architecture has two kinds of classical and pop style,
is a garden on behalf of the crown of the wind,
the other one is representative of Hu Tongfeng marketplace.
And the most authentic Beijing culture is often interwoven between the two architectural styles.
Peking Garden: alley flowers is a tribe of the Airbnb in the popular Hostel,
the guardian has been selected as one of the worlds Coolest Hotel TOP10 the most fashionable.
In the courtyard of trees deep inside the room,
the roof has a flowers blooming like a piece of brocade,
glass greenhouse,
the sunlight is very good,
always think of Cui Jians disco girl.
Indoor mainly log color + White ma

A hurricane triggered by a report

ring on: the black line as the representative of the commodity futures market gradually cool down.
before relatively stable domestic agricultural futures have taken advantage of the baton.
Newspaper reporter Ye Qing Beijing reported micro signal: ChinaTimes copyright,
for reprint,
please contact the newspaper since the first quarter,
with black as the representative of the commodity futures market pocketed the eye,
with the implementation of the policy to curb excessive speculation,
the market is gradually cooling.
before relatively stable domestic agricultural futures have taken advantage of the baton.
By the United States Department of agriculture (USDA) report stimulated,
May 12th,
domestic agricultural products futures brisk performance,
among them,
two meal futures opened Masukura trading,
led the city.
The early morning of May 11th,
USDA announced the supply and demand report to carryout the data below market expectations,
the Chicago Futures Exchange (CBOT) market o

Ampang Yanjiao project resumption of 5 years, land values over 10 times

ring ic Observer reporter Tian Guobao on May 11th afternoon,
Hebei Yanjiao Yan Ling Road a racket on the site,
the huge open space surrounded with internal excavator roar,
called the Yanjiao Anbang insurance support center project has officially started from the end of 2015.
Since 2011,
the project was restarted after 5 years of stagnation,
with two starts in 2012 and 2013,
and a shutdown shortly thereafter.
This is the first start of the third group,
second groups began construction,
the first group is about to start.
In 2011 September,
Ampang insurance price to 114 million yuan in Yanjiao received 599.
18 acres of commercial and financial sites,
the cost is only 190 thousand yuan per mu,
the core area of Yanjiao commercial financial land prices generally reached about 2 million 500 thousand yuan per mu of land,
the appreciation of a raspberry.
5 years,
Ampang insurance Yanjiao Support Center Project Book land value has risen by 13 times.
Judging from the valuation of the project,
in 2014 January,